Consumer Guidance and Trademarks

Consumer Guidelines for Kratom Use


The American Kratom Association (“AKA”) encourages every kratom consumer to follow these basic consumer guidelines for kratom use:

1. Do not purchase or consume any kratom product that does not have labeling that, at a minimum, contains the following information:

a. a numerical count (e.g., 30 capsules), or in volume or weight in both metric and U.S. Customary Units of Measurement terms in the package;

b. lists the recommended serving sizes and the servings per container or package;

c. includes a listing of the contents of the kratom product in the package, i.e., the amount of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, including that the 7-hydroxymitragynine does not exceed 2% of the total constituents in the product;

d. a declaration of any major food allergens of ingredients of the product is made on the label;

e. any appropriate warnings required for the safe use of the product; and

f. the name, and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor of the product that would allow for any adverse event reports to be filed.

2. Do not purchase or consume any kratom product that is marketed with any therapeutic claims, i.e., relieves pain, reduces feelings of anxiety or depression, alleviates hangover symptoms from alcohol consumption, or helps you with withdrawal from drugs, etc. These claims are illegal for manufacturers to make, and such vendors should be avoided because these products may be adulterated with dangerous non-kratom substances.

3. Do not purchase or consume any kratom product that makes marketing claims their product is “super concentrated” or similar claims that lead a consumer to believe the product will deliver euphoria or a “high”.

4. Do not purchase or consume any kratom product that does not allow the consumer to obtain a certificate of analysis from an independent laboratory from the manufacturer showing the product meets FDA standards for microbial contaminants and discloses the alkaloid/metabolite content.

5. Do not purchase or consume any kratom product that is shipped in unprofessional packaging, i.e., a zip-lock bag, or that does not have any labeling on the package.

6. Do not purchase or consume any kratom plant material that is shipped directly from a “farmer” in Southeast Asia unless you can verify the kratom material has been tested by an independent lab to assure it is free from dangerous levels of microbial contamination, i.e., salmonella, e-coli, heavy metals, etc.

General Consumer Guidance:

- Consumers must responsibly consumer kratom products. Follow the label instructions and do not intentionally abuse kratom consumption guidance.
- Consumers new to kratom should start with low serving sizes to find the levels that work for them and then manage consumption from there. Kratom is known to have a “ceiling effect” and taking more than will likely result in an upset stomach. Consumers need to find the levels of kratom use that work for them individually.
- Consumers should purchase kratom products from manufacturers who have voluntarily committed to meet minimum good manufacturing practices (GMP) and submit to independent lab testing for their products. There are hundreds of kratom manufacturers who fail to meet these important standards and they put consumers at risk.
- Consumers, if they choose to consume kratom for a specific health condition, should consult their physician. Always inform a doctor about the use of kratom on any visit.
- Consumers should be aware that kratom has effects on the body’s receptors, similar effects experienced with caffeine consumption, and a dependency on kratom can result. In some cases, excessive use of kratom will require professional assistance from a medical provider. Kratom should be used responsibly and according to labeling instructions


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KANVA,and its trademarks (United States Patent and Trademark Office Serial Nos. 97155697) belong to CWL Brands LLC. CWL enforces and protects its trademarks.